Super Yacht Services – North America

Composite Refits, Repairs and Super Structure to 50m.

Hinckley / Goetz offer North Americas Super Yacht solution for high-tech composite services and complete yacht refit. We offer all levels of yacht repair and modification’s including cockpit reconfigurations, hull extensions, hard tops and full interior rearrangement.

Hinckley has been building and servicing the world’s finest yachts since 1928 and is a recognized leader in shipbuilding excellence. The organization is experienced and recognized for integrity and business skill.


- 600’ pier with 35′deep water access
- 160 ton lift / 18’ Draft
- 17 Acre facility 8 miles from Newport
- State of the art 150’ paint booth
- 181,000 sq ft of shop space
- Rigging, spar repair, fiberglass and composites
- Carpentry, mechanical, varnish, air conditioning
- Canvas, upholstery, electrical, electronics

Weight control is critical to the success of every Goetz project in order to achieve the perfect combination of speed and strength. As a result, every part we build is weighed and reported to the client and his design team. Our normal process is to build all parts in epoxy under vacuum bag. We work in prepreg and wetpreg carbon fiber and offer more economical fiberglass solutions.

Large yacht composite services include:

- Carbon fiber construction
- Performance optimization
- Weight control
- Structural composite redesign and repairs
- Composite engineering
- CNC machining
-Temperature cured epoxy systems

Refit projects are tailored to represent the style and the image of the owner, the expression of the designer’s creativity and of the shipyard’s know-how. Material selection, concept design, functionality and style must be highlighted by quality consistency and perfection. Hinckley / Goetz achieves perfection and will meet your project targets. Experience and skill are combined to create a masterpiece by leading the different components of the project towards excellence.

The location is ideal for shipping to and from Europe and servicing customers visiting the East Coast. Favorable exchange rates and proximity to Newport make Hinckley / Goetz an economical choice that is logistically easy.

All work is performed under the supervision of a project manager with an emphasis on keeping costs on budget. Your project will be completed on time and you will have a single point of contact. The results will be beautiful.

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